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Professional Dog Training

We are all struggling with the Corona virus. Not only our lives are being impacted but so are dogs lives. Social Distancing and Sheltering in Place are extremely important to us at IDTE but so is your dog’s mental health, well-being, and training.


As a nonessential work that are essential to your dog, trainers like me are getting creative in how to help dog owners like yourself.  

I am here for you and your dog. I am a very, very skilled dog trainer especially when working in high stress situations that are less than ideal for training because for 10 years I trained dogs (at risk of euthanasia for behavior reasons) in a shelter environment. This required the training to be done in the shelter. I look at this as the same situation. I can help you and will help you! I am very good at helping people remotely and I have experience talking people through training of all kinds. If you can communicate well and take direction well then, I can help you. I have many ways I am supporting new and existing clients, but everything is individualized to meet your dog’s needs in real time.


If you are a new client needing help with your dog, I normally set up free in person consultations but since we need to Stay in Place, I would like to speak with you on the phone. This phone consultation will give me the ability to learn about you and your dog and decide what ways I can best help support you during this difficult time. In that phone consultation we will decide what we need to do to meet your training needs. I am great at problem solving and dealing with problematic dog behaviors as well as obedience training. If you have text messaging please text me to set up a free phone consultation at (707) 349-5488. If you don't have text messaging please email me at info@idte707.com or email me through this website. 


I have online training and education support that is set up for the general public through a Facebook page @IDTE707CA. I encourage you to check it out and share it with your friends. I post a ton of educational and dog related fun stuff on the sight. It is worth your time to scroll through and see what has been put on that page. I also do have a paid private page that you can join that is more detailed help for your individual dog and training needs. I also have videos and other things to share to help with Shelter In Place Training. These things will be additional to what we decide to do in our phone consultation.


Thank you for reaching out to us for help during these very challenging times. I look forward to talking to you and offering you any help that I can to get you through today and set you up for success in the future when things go to a new norm.

You are not TrainingAlone even if we are TrainingApart!


Meet Sarah's pet family

Mia is Sarah's senior dog. She was going to be euthanized at a shelter due to human aggression. Sarah stepped up on her behalf and she proved to be one of the greatly misunderstood dogs. Mia has helped rehabilitate and train dogs along side Sarah for the past 10 years.


Tink was just a pup when Sarah got her. She and her owner were homeless so Sarah took her to provide her a home environment. Tink has spent the past 3 years helping Sarah train dogs at IDTE.


Spirit was a client's dog. She was too much dog for the client and while training her Sarah realized how special Spirit was so she agreed to adopt her. Spirit has spent the past 2 years helping Sarah train dogs on their social skills.


Joey is Sarah's other senior dog. She adopted him from a shelter when he was 1. Joey's nickname is Trader Joe because he has no loyalty. He will walk off with any new person that comes his way and shows him some attention.


Little Lady is Sarah's only kitty. She rescued her from under a shed as a kitten.


Socialization & Playgroups

Our training prepares you and your dog for living in the real world. You and your dog will learn how to work together as a team in real life situations. We have solutions for behavior problems and will teach you and your dog basic, advanced, and off-leash obedience work.

Our socialization and playgroups give you and your dog a safe environment to learn and improve social skills. With Sarah's help, dogs and humans learn proper social skills  and how to navigate around dogs with different play-styles, personalities, social skills and ranking.

Our daycare provides your dog an opportunity to burn energy, socialize with others, or to get hands on work with Sarah while you and your dog are working on behavior training. Each dogs personal needs are considered and your dog is set up for success and advancing their learning.


Love IDTE Clients


What Pet Owners Say

Class Training
Shelter Training Program

"Sarah is great at tailoring teaching to the individual dog and person and can offer practical advice on every-day and unusual situations."

"I can't say enough good things about Sarah! Molly has come such a long way.... and we have, too! I love that we both have coping skills now to address Molly's fear aggression issues. I appreciate Sarah's patience and knowledge. I am so glad we found her.... it has been life changing!"

"Sarah has always been so helpful and generous with her time with our shelter/rescue dogs here in Mendo! The lake county (and beyond) community is lucky to have her as a resource!"

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