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Professional Dog Training

Hello, my name is Sarah! I am the trainer at IDTE. My training is like no other. People always ask me where I got my knowledge because I do not follow the same training program as my colleague's do. I fell in love with training when I was 7 years old and started training my horses. In the fourth grade, I wrote a paper that when I grew up I was going to be an animal trainer. I learned at a young age that training and your relationship with an animal are two different things that must go together. I am not just an obedience trainer, but I teach obedience training. I am not just a behavior trainer, but I modify dog behaviors. I am not just a trainer that socializes dogs but I teach social skills. I am not just a dog handler, but I teach you how to handle dogs correctly. I am not just a dog trainer, but I am your personal coach so that you can learn how to train your own dog. Obedience, control, handling, socialization, mindfulness and focus, communication, and body mechanics are just a few of the things that go together in training a dog. Training obedience to a dog is one thing, but training a dog for the real world is another thing. The world is filled with challenges, stress, distractions, complex situations that require you and your dog to have skills and knowledge that obedience cannot help you with. My training is all about giving you the skills and knowledge you need to get through all of life challenges while also helping you and your dog learn obedience training. We do agility and obstacle training to help build confidence and skills. You will be able to train one on one with just me and your dog or in a group setting where you can learn from watching others train as well. 

I train heavily on the positive side because most of the training we do is teaching dogs things they do not know or that are harder for them to do, My training is not limited to one form of training. The truth is training is also about discipline and stopping unwanted decisions and bad behaviors. I will teach you how to do the unpleasant part of training too. It is still geared in positive. If you are looking for training that is built off of you being the boss and your dog doing what you say because you said so I am not the trainer for you. My methods are always geared towards the dog having a positive and happy experience no matter if they are doing things right or wrong. This is one of the harder concepts for people to get used to because people think bad behaviors are a conscience decision to defy them (the human) but dogs do not think that way. They just behave badly because they think like an animal and animals act off of instincts. To them, that bad behavior was the right behavior. We must show them it was not a good behavior with a consequence but we also have to make sure they know what the better decision was. Dogs will always do what they think is right. If your dog is behaving badly sorry to say it is because you have not made it clear to them their is a better option and that that behavior is actually the wrong behavior. You will work through this with your dog in our training. Do not worry, your dog wants to do well even if right now it feels like they do not. Some dogs are easy to train while others are not. The ones that are not easy are in my wheelhouse. I will help you understand them so that you can train them to understand what you want.


The real world requires us to be flexible and diverse. You will learn how to make good choices to help you and your dog reach your goals. If you follow my training, you and your dog will no longer feel stressed, overwhelmed, worried, or afraid to be in the real world.


Dogs do not train themselves! Show up ready to learn! I am ready to teach you both! Think smart, train smart! Train with IDTE!


Meet Sarah's pet family

Mia is Sarah's senior dog. She was going to be euthanized at a shelter due to human aggression. Sarah stepped up on her behalf and she proved to be one of the greatly misunderstood dogs. Mia has helped rehabilitate and train dogs along side Sarah for the past 10 years.


Tink was just a pup when Sarah got her. She and her owner were homeless so Sarah took her to provide her a home environment. Tink has spent the past 3 years helping Sarah train dogs at IDTE.


Spirit was a client's dog. She was too much dog for the client and while training her Sarah realized how special Spirit was so she agreed to adopt her. Spirit has spent the past 2 years helping Sarah train dogs on their social skills.


Joey is Sarah's other senior dog. She adopted him from a shelter when he was 1. Joey's nickname is Trader Joe because he has no loyalty. He will walk off with any new person that comes his way and shows him some attention.


Little Lady is Sarah's only kitty. She rescued her from under a shed as a kitten.


Socialization & Playgroups

Our training prepares you and your dog for living in the real world. You and your dog will learn how to work together as a team in real life situations. We have solutions for behavior problems and will teach you and your dog basic, advanced, and off-leash obedience work.

Our socialization and playgroups give you and your dog a safe environment to learn and improve social skills. With Sarah's help, dogs and humans learn proper social skills  and how to navigate around dogs with different play-styles, personalities, social skills and ranking.

Our daycare provides your dog an opportunity to burn energy, socialize with others, or to get hands on work with Sarah while you and your dog are working on behavior training. Each dogs personal needs are considered and your dog is set up for success and advancing their learning.


Love IDTE Clients


What Pet Owners Say

Class Training
Shelter Training Program

"Sarah is great at tailoring teaching to the individual dog and person and can offer practical advice on every-day and unusual situations."

"I can't say enough good things about Sarah! Molly has come such a long way.... and we have, too! I love that we both have coping skills now to address Molly's fear aggression issues. I appreciate Sarah's patience and knowledge. I am so glad we found her.... it has been life changing!"

"Sarah has always been so helpful and generous with her time with our shelter/rescue dogs here in Mendo! The lake county (and beyond) community is lucky to have her as a resource!"

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