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In our unique Board & Training program we start your dogs training program for you to get over all the difficult humps that come with training. Some dogs are harder to train than others. Our excellent timing, perfect handling, and toolbox full of experience makes it easier for your dog to learn, Training your dog is an important part of the relationship that you will have with your dog, so our Board & Train is designed to build the foundation of your dogs learning so that they will respond to the training process with you. Once your dog understands what is expected of them learning and following through with the training will be much easier for you. After Sarah has built your training foundation with your dog, she will work with you and your dog. You will learn all of the things that your dog learned while working with Sarah and shown how to maintain the foundation while learning how to advance the training.

Board and train is also necessary for dogs that require behavior modification training and is a great reboot for dogs that have become stuck in their behavior patterns. 

As part of the Board & Train, Sarah will work on any concerning behaviors that your dog is showing. She will help your dog be more responsive and willing to do the things that they don't want to do but need to in order to be a well-behaved. Sarah will also get to know your dog behaviorally, socially, and their individual personality so that she can use the training protocols that are best suited for your dog.

After your dog goes home, your training begins. As part of the board and train program, Sarah will work with you to teach you everything she taught your dog. Sarah will teach you the protocols that she used to train your dog so that you can maintain your dogs training. Sarah will also teach you what you need to know to advance your obedience training. 



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