Dingo is extremely intelligent, loyal, and fun to train. He has a willing spirit and can do attitude. Dingo loves to jump, climb, and run, would make a great agility dog, he has also shown great potential in being a Search and Rescue dog and has already passed an ability test (See our HR Seminar page). Dingo loves people so much that he will do whatever it takes to get to a person, which is why he would excel at Search and Rescue. Dingo can easily jump 6 foot from a stand, he has jumped over fences when left alone, so he must be in a covered or secured fence. That is dingo's only downfall. Training comes naturally to Dingo and he is more than happy to follow your direction. He bonds easily and will be a great companion to anyone needing an emotional support dog or wants to do service dog training. Dingo gets along with other dogs, but he definitely values people more than anything. He is kid friendly and would be a great family dog. Dingo has an active mind, so he does need mental and physical stimulation. He is adventurous and athletic, he would be a great hiking or camping dog. He would also make a good working companion if someone wants a dog that can go to work with them. If you want to snuggle no problem, Dingo is always up to relax but being a couch bum with no activities will become boring to him, so he needs someone that wants to do stuff with their dog. 

Don't want to adopt but want to help Dingo? Consider fostering him while he looks for his new home. You can also make a donation towards his care. All donations go back into the dogs. IDTE is not a non-profit but the shelter was not willing to standby Dingo, so everything we have done with Dingo has been donated by us and people who love him.

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