Group Classes

Unlike the standard model for group classes, IDTE group classes provide both the dog and human with long-term training support because our group classes are not 6-week sessions. Instead, you and your dog will join a group of clients who are at the same training level as you. Your group class will meet on the same day at the same time each week. Because the class is ongoing, we constantly work on learning about canine behavior and training; Learning basic fundamentals for new behaviors and problem solving for unwanted behaviors, as well as advancing your training to the highest level.


Classes cover everything from relationship building, building training motivations and communication between you and your dog, proper handling and training techniques, behavior concerns and issues, basic to advanced obedience training, Canine Good Citizens training, agility and confidence building exercises, teaching tricks and other fun ways to keep training light and fun for you and your dog.


Group Classes are not limited to group training. Sarah tailors the training to each individual dog/human team, so that you are working on training that is going to be helpful to you and your dog. IDTE classes are drop-in so you may skip classes or take a break from training whenever you feel you need to. But, the more you skip the longer it will take for you to advance your training. Clients who stay dedicated receive the most training and have dogs that will perform for them better.



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