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About Sarah

I was born and raised in Santa Rosa California. My love for animals began as soon as I could walk and talk. By the age of seven I knew I wanted to train animals. I wrote a paper in the fourth grade describing my future job and the paper was on me being a horse trainer. Horses were my first passion. I grew up in the country and always had lots of animals including 2 to 7 horses at a time and 2 to 5 dogs as well as other farm animals.


From the age 7 to 18 all of my focus was on my horses. I learned about animal behavior, proper handling, good ownership, and training methods that work and didn't work from my horses. I spent all of my free time with my horses. I was an active trail rider and spent every weekend at Annadel  State Park riding with my friends. Vacations were spent camping with our horses. I showed my horses in western pleasure and competed in barrel racing and other Gymkhana events. Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park and Cotati was a much different place back when I was a kid and they were my playground. My friends and I spent all our free time riding hour horses from town to town.  


At the age of 18 I moved my attention to dogs. I spent 13 years working in various dog related jobs including

  • Dog grooming (I'm a retired self taught dog groomer)

  • Boarding facilities 

  • Breeding facilities

  • Canine Companion for Independence

  • Dog training facilities

  • Veterinarian Clinics

  • Longmont Humane Society

  • Dogs Playing for Life (working with over 100 animal shelters in the US and Canada) 

When I am not being a dog trainer I am being a single mom to my 10 year old son, Julian. 




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