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Dog-to-dog socialization is very complex which is why IDTE playgroups are so important. A dog's social structure is very similar to their human counterparts, so a dog can be social with some dogs and have issues with other dogs. It is important that dog owners understand their dog's social skills and learn how to set them up for successful interactions with other dogs.


Aggression is a normal canine behavior that most dogs understand and use to communicate to other dogs. Sarah is an expert in dog socialization and playgroups giving you and your dog a safe environment to learn about dog socialization. Playgroups are designed not just for play but for dogs to learn how to navigate and socialize with dogs that have different personalities, playstyles, energy levels, and behaviors. Some dogs will get along and others will not. Dogs are allowed to use normal canine behaviors to communicate but they are not allowed to fight one another. People learn how to understand their dogs natural instincts and how to influence their dogs behaviors. Both dogs and humans gain confidence, coping skills, and learn to handle difficult situations.


Playgroups help make dogs safer out in the community and help people make better decisions on which dogs their dog should meet. Playgroups also help fix many other behavior issues and give the dogs an outlet for their energy and normal dog-to-dog behaviors.



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